Ms. Gender

I went clothes shopping today and spent wayyyy more than I should have. I bought clothes that make me feel very me- from the boys section, or otherwise very tomboyish. But stylish, of course.

Tomboy I think is the right word for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m a boy, when I’m feeling cool or in power or confident or strong. But I still want to be pretty.

When I’m with a girl I like, I feel more like the man, and I love it. I want to pick her flowers and sweep them off their feet and flirt and steer conversations. When I’m with a boy, I just feel like a not-so-girly-girl.

I looked up all the names of all the genders and you could say maybe I’m gender fluid, but I wouldn’t say I’m ever really truly a guy. Just a manly girl. A tomboy.

I don’t know why it matters so much to have a name for what I am but I’ve always been like that. So I thought about all of my options and Tomboy does it for me, surface level. If you want to know more you’ll just have to ask.


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