Last night I did something that I thought was wrong, that my whole life had taught me was sneaky and dumb and disgusting. I felt pretty damn good about it at the time, but then I let that guilt set in. I let myself lose my own happiness over the effect I imagined I might have on someone else with my actions.

And today I learned that that’s dumb. I have spent forever caring more about what other people think than what I want. Why should I let the morals that have been instilled in me ruin all of the joy in my life?

Yes, I could be a perfect, humble, gracious, thoughtful person for the rest of my life, or I could be that most of the time and sometimes just screw it up.

There’s nothing wrong with messing things up every once in a while. Life is a canvas and no good painting is perfectly planned. From now on, I will learn to love and embrace my mistakes. Not run from them, but accept them and let myself enjoy the sinful fun they bring.

I’m a fuck up, why not embrace it?


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