Big Girl

IMG_0389.JPGOnce, there was a little girl, and this little girl knew it was time to grow up. She was going to a be a Big Girl. And so that night when she went to bed, she wished that somebody would come to her and show her how she could grow up.

That night, an owl flew through her window and sat on the sill and watched over the little girl. And the owl gave the girl her wisdom, intelligence, and poise. The little girl stirred and she dreamed that she was flying. She could see her whole life from above, and everything made so much more sense to her from so far away.

A turtle crawled through the cracked open door of the bedroom. It sat next to her bed and it gave her resilience, fortitude, and patience. The little girl sighed and dreamed of curling up into a little ball at the bottom of the ocean. The fish flew by her and the seaweed tickled but she remained tucked up, cozy and comfortable, enveloped by the warm water but somehow still dry.

Next a long, scaly alligator dragged itself into to the room. It slithered up to the little girl’s bedside and it gave her the gifts of cunning, slyness, and perseverance. The little girl wrinkled her brow a little and then dreamed that she was chasing a beautiful butterfly. She ran after it but soon she realized that she would have to sneak and zig zag and cut across sideways to reach the butterfly. And when she did, it fluttered gently on her finger and she giggled.

The door opened wide as a huge, powerful lion loped into the room. It took its regal place next to the girl’s bed and it gave her bravery, strength, and confidence. She rolled over and she dreamed that she was headed through a dark maze. It was scary and at first she was afraid to move forward, but then she decided that she could find her way all on her own. She ducked through low tunnels and picked through thorns, and when she reached a fork she barely hesitated before chose her path forward. When she made it out to the other side there was a banquet full of roast beef and mint chip ice cream, her favorite.

Finally a dog snuck into the room and curled up by the little girls feet. She smiled and snuggled up into her covers a little bit more and she dreamed of the people she loved. Her family surrounded her and they chatted and joked, and then they walked together through a city and smiled and greeted everyone they passed. They bought a cheeseburger for a hungry looking man on the street named Gary and they all ate together and laughed and smiled. Her heart felt full.

When the girl woke up she swore she felt a little older already. She stretched and she looked out her window and saw a whole new sun. She crawled out of bed and she stroked the owl’s beak, patted the turtle’s shell, scratched the scales on the alligator, ran her fingers through the lion’s mane, and scratched the dog’s ear. She walked out her room a Big Girl.


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