Sliding Back

This week my dog died. I’m struggling in therapy, and I’m struggling at work. Now, after 3 years, I’m single.

He was my rock in the bad times and the good times. Now where do I drop anchor?

I’m scared that I am going to slip quietly back into darkness. Not Eating has already become easier and easier. Getting out of bed can be optional again.

And those who love me will watch in despair, but I will struggle to find a grip as I slide backwards into decrepit, lonely disgrace.

I’m fucked if I don’t find something to hold onto.


3 thoughts on “Sliding Back

  1. I guess you just have to be patient, finding the right someone to love is not easy for anybody. Sorry about your dog, I had to say goodbye to my dog and cat when my ex left with them. Must get back to work now. Have a good day. 🙂

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