Meaning of a Life

As my beloved dog’s life comes to a close today, I can’t help but wonder what it is that I’ve been doing with mine.

Have I been living life to the fullest? Gods no. I’ve tried, but anxiety and bipolar and ADD and anorexia have all limited me, kept me shut in a box of self indulgence.

Did Toby live life to it’s fullest? Maybe, maybe not. He spent an awful lot of time on the couch but maybe that was the life for him. He got walks that he loved and treats and playtime- maybe that was enough for him.

Me, I want to make something of myself. That would be living life- making some contribution to society that won’t be forgotten. But I often doubt my abilities to get that far.

Maybe I’m measuring life all wrong. Maybe it really doesn’t matter what we achieve but the lives we touch around us that make the difference. I hope with all my heart that is the true meaning of life.

Toby can’t have lived for nothing, and neither can I.


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