My nutritionist gave me a goal for the week: to come up with a measurable, healthy practice to keep me motivated and help me feel accomplished.

Previously, it was the number on the scale that made me feel like I had achieved something. She wants me to still chase that feeling, only with something healthy.

I am caught between two ideas: the first selfish the second selfless. I cannot decide which is healthier for me at this point.

My selfish marker of success could be time spent working on my Spanish, something I try to do in my off time to better myself and my command of the language.

My second idea both excites and scares me much more. I want to measure my progress in compliments given, particularly strangers.

I have long been a huge proponent of the idea of sharing compliments more freely, bringing more smiles to those who may or may not really need it. The problem is that I have social anxiety, and speaking to strangers at all is a daunting prospect.

I think that if I start small and begin with mere positive interactions, maybe a pleasant exchange with the barista, then I could work my way up.

Today I was supposed to run an errand but instead spent the day huddled up at home. I skipped my chance to make someone smile.

I still think it’s a good idea though. I even had the idea of decorating small cards with compliments in them and leaving them in public places for anyone to find. That could be an easier way to succeed in my goal.

Who’s to say I couldn’t use both measures? I think that may be what I choose: bettering myself and bettering the days of those around me.

It’s important to feel successful, to cheer yourself on towards a goal. And while I can’t deny a certain satisfaction when I (against professional suggestion) weigh myself and my number has gone down, I’m excited to shift my attention away from that fixation and onto a more healthy path.


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