Updating the DSM

The DSM is missing a criteria for bipolar.

I won’t undersell the book, it does mention difficulties in relationships and other responsibilities.

But it doesn’t mention being a fucking disappointment.

Sometimes I’m too anxious to make it to important commitments, and I let everyone who relies on me down.

Work has to find someone to cover, my bell choir needs to perform with a hole in front of the whole congregation.

It’s not even that I’m hysterical and inconsolable all the time. Sometimes it’s that the irrational fear just paralyzes me and throbs in my chest, holding me in place like a deer in the headlights.

My various episodes and panic attacks, general failures in character let everyone I know down at some point or another.

I’d like to see a diagnostic criteria as follows:

1. Patient must disappoint their loved ones at least 3 times per week, and/or miss out on important obligations on a relatively frequent basis.

Someone should allow me into to the APA, so that I can contribute my earthy wisdom to their stale old book.


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