The Living Room

I used to spend every day in one room.

I lived at my boyfriend’s house with his parents. I barely spoke their language and had a hard time communicating. I was horribly anxious about running into them and failing to converse.

I stayed in that room and starved and waited for my boyfriend to come home and get me food. Every day.

I played video games over and over. Watched the same TV shows again and again.

I was like Rapunzel in her tower, with my Mother Gothel being my depression and anxiety.

I thought I was safe in my den.

When I was “cured”, I realized how horrendous that lifestyle had been for me.

Now I sit in the living room whenever I am home, whether someone is around or not, so that I know I am part of the family unit at all times.

It’s amazing what a switch from a bed to a couch can do for you.


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